If you don\’t play to win, why play at all?

Totally BJJ-unrelated…
February 13, 2010, 11:06 am
Filed under: ETC Etcetera

…but here’s hoping that you’ll love it!

Meet my rescued cat Rue, whom I think is a puppy trapped in a kitten’s body 🙂

She fetches her favorite toy, drags things around, stands on her back legs, and meows at the door when someone’s knocking — her version of barking at strangers!

Rue is a kitten I rescued from a dark street while walking on my way home in July 2009. She was so tiny then, but had her way of making herself lovable. With her small, feeble steps, she tried to hurriedly follow me, but I didn’t want her to. I tried leaving her by walking away.

Five minutes later, I found myself making hurried steps back to her — I couldn’t bear the thought of letting her grow up on the street! And I am so glad I picked her up. She’s definitely a charmer and a blessing to me and my other cat Qish, a Siamese.

Sorry for the crappy camera work, I was just using my old Samsung D900 camera phone.



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