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BJJ Heart Break
January 29, 2010, 6:08 pm
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This is probably one of the saddest moments in my BJJ life.  A lot of people have been switching teams lately, but I have a bunch of guys whom I used to think would be the last people to leave our team.  They are like brothers to me, and we happily laugh on and off the mat like one crazy family.  Well, used to be.  I guess people really just come and go.

It was so sudden, to me at least.  One moment I was with them on the mat, the next moment, they were saying their goodbyes to my coach.  I felt bad because they are almost like my brothers, and we’ve had so many fun times together that I just can’t accept the fact that they won’t be there anymore the next time I’m on the mat.  I sound like I’m having a bad breakup, but I really see it as such.  They’re more than just teammates:  they’re my family, my brothers.  But what can I do.  Just move on, I guess. And keep on training.

So long, brothers.

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Wow, thanks for your comment, it has introduced me to your excellent blog! Interesting point about a group of team mates joining another (presumably rival team), this is very much frowned upon in the UK and I assume US and Brazil. But it happens. Slidey wrote a peice about it in his blog.
Anyway, keep up the writing, and…I love your photos from your previous entry!!

Comment by Meerkatsu

Aww, thanks! 🙂 I’ve read slideyfoot’s blog and actually commented on it as well, just waiting for his approval for it to appear. I believe he has valid observations as to why it’s being frowned upon! But yeah, it happens, no matter how loyal you think you or your teammates are.

I’ve just started blog-hopping again since I got back on the mat, and found your blog! Excellent posts! 🙂

Comment by jonna

Commenting on other blogs is definitely one of the best publicity tools: that’s how I bumped into a significant chunk of the blogs I now read regularly. 🙂

Looong list of BJJ blogs here, if you’re looking for more to check out.

Comment by slideyfoot

That’s a really long list, I’ll find time to check them out! I’m sure each one’s worth a visit 🙂


And that was a well-written piece, by the way 🙂

Comment by jonna

It’s always tough to say goodbye to good friends but we just have to do our best and take responsibility for ourselves. For whatever reasons, our actions reflect who we are and the idea is to keep positive and cut out the negativity.

Thanks for sharing and love the pics from the last tournament.

Comment by Luke

Thanks Luke for the blog visit!

I guess I’m just being a girl — sentimental and all that 🙂 What bothered me really is not the fact that they’ve left our team, but that I won’t have them as my closest teammates anymore. Girl stuff, I guess (BFF concept applied to BJJ!). But I’m over it, really, and as you’ve said, the best thing is to just keep the positive energy flowing and cut out all the negative vibes.

Thanks for appreciating the photos! 🙂

Comment by jonna

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