If you don\’t play to win, why play at all?

January 28, 2010, 6:36 pm
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I have started embracing sweaty men again, as of last week.  I spent over five (5) months of BJJ holiday, from the time when my interest in training started waning up to the time when I actually stepped off the mat.  I am happy to be back.

During the first week, I was sore all over.  My muscles have become so used to not being used, that they were complaining blatantly when I started moving my butt again.  And of course, the added weight (7kg!) really made everything worse than it already is.  I was having a hard time moving on the mat, and I was panting like a car that’s about to conk out.  But I loved every moment of it.

What I noticed is that I am more receptive now to new moves, and I learn quickly than how I was before I stopped.  I guess the vacation freed my mind of the bad habits I used to have.  My refreshed take on my training also allows me to focus more on the things that I want/need to work on.  The best part is, my muscles still seem to remember my bread & butter moves (armbars form different positions) that I was able to pull it off against a guy, transitioning from triangle to armbar.  This made me realize that BJJ is really about muscle memory, so that you react by impulse on every opportunity, rather than executing a move based on step-by-step thinking and execution.

On a side note, I enjoyed taking photos during the Philippine International BJJ Competition in Manila.  I also got a lot of “rave” comments made by competitors from different parts of the world, so I think I’ll keep on taking action shots during tourneys 🙂

Here are the links to the albums, and some of the photos I took:



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Welcome back 😀 I’m glad you had a good physical and mental rest. (And hearing that you came back gives me hope, should I ever need to take a long break.)

I love that first pic — she looks likes she’s posing for the camera. 😛

Comment by leslie

Thanks Leslie! I’ve been struggling to really “come back,” my cardio is just too bad! But I just have to work hard on getting it back, I guess 🙂

That was just a lucky shot, haha! She’s a very good BJJ player though.

Comment by jonna

Good to see you posting about BJJ again, and back in training! 😀

And yeah, that first pic is brilliant: did the one staring at you win the match? I assume she didn’t get too distracted by potential internet fame? ;p

Comment by slideyfoot

Thanks Slideyfoot! Yes, she did win her match, she actually snatched the gold in last year’s Mundial in the US while she was still a white belt 🙂 She got the gold again in this tourney, as a blue belt this time.

Comment by jonna

I really like the first and the last shot. Very nice! Thanks for posting!

Comment by Julia Johansen

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