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Crazy-About-UFC Guy
June 23, 2009, 10:54 am
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You can’t be a doctor by merely watching Grey’s Anatomy or House, MD, right?  Who said that you can be as good as Manny Pacquiao just by seeing his fights?  Now what made you think that just because you’ve seen tons of UFC fights, you know your way around BJJ?

I haven’t been training for a while, and my coach greeted me last night with a pat on the back, saying, “Hey everyone, meet our new student (he was referring to me)!”  My bad, really.  It’s just that each day, I wake up to a waning interest in BJJ.  But I’m confident it will “grow” back, in time.  So to make sure I still know something, my coach partnered me with a noob who is having his first taste of BJJ.  It doesn’t really bother me, as I am a college educator by profession and my coach makes me handle the new students (big and small, old and young, manly and gay-ish) since I got my blue belt.

So, this new guy is a big fan of the UFC.  I don’t really mind, except…that he thinks he knows all the moves that he has seen in the fights.  What’s annoying is, he acts like an a-hole know-it-all guy —

Moi:  This is the mount, and…
UFC-crazy guy:  Ah, yes, yes, I know the mount.
Moi:  Okay, then, this is how you escape the mount…
UFC-crazy guy:  Ah…just that?
Moi:  Okay, water break…
…after a minute…
UFC-crazy guy:  So what now?

Because he seemed like he knows everything (I showed him how to escape the side control, and how to keep it if he’s on top), I asked him to wrestle with me — both escaping and keeping the side control.  He is about 20 kilos heavier than me, and I easily get my guard back when he was on top.  He was getting frustrated — all the more, when I was on top and he was using all his strength to get me off him, but he never did.  I was moving like he was my dummy bag — knee ride, mount, side control, north-south.

At the end of the two-minute round, he was panting heavily, and blurted, “Geez, I didn’t know it is this hard and tiring!!!

I can only secretly smile.  I wanted to tell him, “Now you get my point!  Just because you’ve been trying the moves on your younger brother, or on your cat maybe, doesn’t mean that you are as good as those you see on TV!  It takes a lot of skills and practice, man!”

But of course I didn’t.  It’s better for him to discover these things on his own.  I do hope he figures out soon that he can do a lot better if he keeps his mouth shut and listens to the instructor instead.

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Uy, sino yan??? Haha! Saang gym siya nagtrain? Haha! ^^

Comment by Benj Young

basta! :p pero nakakatawa kasi sya e 🙂

Comment by jonna

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